Vice-President’s wife endorses chanting of ‘Om’ during Yoga

LUCKNOW || Wife of Vice-president Hami Ansari, Salma Ansari on Monday slammed people and groups who are opposing chanting of ‘Om’ during the International Yoga Day’ on June 21, as proposed by the Ayush ministry. In Aligarh, to take part in a school even, Ansari said chanting ‘Om’ increased oxygen in the body and added that she found opposition to it petty and wrong.

salma“Even I do yoga and find it very useful to improve my health” Salma Ansari told reporters on the sidelines of the event. She added that she has successfully overcome many a ailment by doing Yoga and exhorted people to do things that benefit health without even considering the noise made about them.

Salma Ansari later honoured students of the Madarsa Alnur school in Aligarh. Some Muslim organizations has protested the reported move by the union government to make chanting of ‘Om’ on the Yoga day mandatory. Union Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu had however clarified that there was no need of protest as the call for chanting was only suggestive and not compulsory.