Swacchta Pakhwara organised by HQ Purva UP and MP sub area

LUCKNOW || A Swachhata Pakhwara was organized from 01 Dec to 15 Dec 2016 by the soldiers of HQ Purva UP & MP Sub Area under the able guidance of GOC, Maj Gen Shashi Kant Singh. During this event various programmes was organized to create awareness among the residents of Cantonment. All the units/establishments of HQ Purva UP & MP Sub Area and Cantonment Board Allahabad took active participation during the events.

swOn 1 December 2016 Awareness Campaign was organized, during which large numbers of soldiers of all the Units/Establishments under HQ Purva UP & MP Sub Area participated. Importance of cleanliness was the central theme during the talks by guest speakers. CO/OCs of all the Units took Sainik Sammelan of their respective Units and apprised the soldiers about importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness of surrounding.

A lecture was conducted on 05 Dec 2016 for the families of the soldiers about the importance of the cleanliness and basic measures which one should adopt to keep the society clean. A large number of families participated during this lecture. 06 Dec 2016 was celebrated as a Determination Day with aim not to pollute the surrounding, Soldiers were also apprised to keep the environment and public places clean through a lecture in which large number of def and non def persons participated.

10 Dec 2016 was celebrated as ‘Zero Emission Day’ On this day all the Officers and Jawans avoids using their personal and Government vehicles for the routine work and walked/cycled to reach office. Making a determination of ‘Swachh Cantt’ soldiers of New Cantt Allahabad participated in ‘Shramdaan Campaign’ on 13 December 2016, the Officers, Army personnel and civil defence employees participated in a large number to clean the various parts of Cantt and also took oath not to pollute the Cantt.