School children take oath to save water, inspire others to do so as well

LUCKNOW || In a noble initiative which will have far-reaching consequences in the future, the district administration of Lucknow has begun an exercise to involve children into the save water campaign. Last week, district magistrate Raj Shekhar led more than 3.45 lakh students across the state capital in taking a pledge to save water.

scIn the campaign, more than 1.6 lakh students of the UP Board, 1.17 lakh from the ICSE/ISC Board and 68,000 from the CBSE Board participated, officials informed. “If on an average one individual will be able to save 10 litres each after this ‘Save Water Campaign’ , then if we take on an average 5 persons in a family then the amount of water which will be saved in coming days will be 207 lakhs litres of water per day” officialssaid.

DM himself admitted that “this was a very conservative estimate. As out of nearly 7 Lakhs students only 3.45 Lakhs have participated in this campaign . We were able to reach half on the students only” e added.