Registration, survey of artisans begins in Lucknow

LUCKNOW || A survey of artisans and handicraft clusters of Lucknow (Chikankari & Zardosi) has begun and on Thursday the ‘Registration and Survey’ camps ( As of now 3 in the City) were inaugurated at 3 important places in Lucknow city .

dmdHundreds of Artisans have registered as of now in the camps . Exact figure we will get by 7 pm today, the district magistrate said.

Raj Shekhar himself interacted with many of the Applicants and also visited few ‘Handicraft Karkhana/House holds’ to know the Ground reality and to interact with them for taking their suggestions also .

Few Facts and suggestions :

1) On an average each Artisan involved in Zardozi earns a meagre amount of 3,000 to 5,000/ per month .

2) On an average each Artisan has invested 10 years to 70 years in this Special Art of Zardozi.

3) Most of the Individuals get Material from Factories/Kharkhana and it will take 15 Days for one item (Saaree or Dress material ) to compete the Zardosi work .

4) It’s interesting & welcoming to know that ‘Many Artisans’ (Including women) are interested in ‘Setting up their own Karkhana or Establishment’ if they get some Assistance from Government & Banks .

5) The Survey will help us in :
– Identifying the Artisans
– Listing them out in details
– Preparing their Data base
– Linking them with Banking sector for setting up of their own Karkhana
– Linking them with ‘Show rooms’ and the ”whole sale Buyers’
– Training them for ‘New Techniques
– Computer Aided Designs
– Marketing Skills
– Health & Education Assistance
– Issuing the ‘Artisan cards’
– Others

6) While interacting with Artisans , we have come to know that they have ‘Eye sight problems’ at the age of 50 and above and also they have issues of ‘High Electricity bills’ which they are unable to pay .

Looking into these peculiar problems and to find a Good solution for this , the District Admin is sending a Proposal to the Industry Department & Government & UPPCL in next one week to ‘Distribution of Subsidised LED’ lights to Artisans with the help of Industry Dept and LESA which will ensure ‘Healthy & Bright white light , Savings in electricity bills and also good for Eyes’ .

7) The District Admin will also call a meeting of ‘Artisan Associations (Chikankari and Zardosi) , Bankers, Industry People and Show rooms and Government official in the Coming week to ‘Chalk out ways and means for Ensuring Better Assistance & remuneration to ‘Artisans’ and ‘Their Families’ and to simultaneously boost up the Trade & Industry in this Area.