Old Lady And The Magical Pot

Once upon a time there lived a man named Rakesh. He was very poor. One day he was watering the plants and he saw an old lady standing on the road, with a bundle of sticks. The old lady saw him and said, “Please help me in taking this bundle back home as it is very heavy.” Rakesh agreed and lifted the bundle and went with the old lady.

potWhen they reached, the old lady went inside and came out with a small, old pot.She said, “I have nothing to give you.So keep this pot as a gift from me.” Rakesh thanked her and went home. He called his wife and they decided to keep vegetables in the pot.She kept some onions and potatoes in it and went to sleep.

Morning when they got up they were shocked to see the pot was full of onions and potatoes.Rakesh’s wife said, “I kept only few vegetables in it, but now the pot is full with vegetables.” Rakesh said, “It means this is a magic pot.” That night they kept some coins in it and the next morning they were happy to see the pot was full of coins.Soon they became rich with the help of the magic pot and lived happily.

Mehak, Class Vth F,
ladCentral Academy, Indiranagar/Lucknow