Officials move in sort out Matyari Chauraha jam problem in Lucknow

LUCKNOW || Looking into the persistent traffic problem at Matiyari Chauraha on Faizabad Road because of the ongoing flyover work of NHAI, the district administration on Wednesday called a meeting of the ‘District Coordination committee ‘ for NHAI works to assess the situation and to plan for the possible improvements .

nhAttended by DM, SSP, PD NHAI Shiv Shankar, ADM E, ADM TG, SP Traffic, Apar Nagar Ayukt, CO traffic, ACM 4, Contractor & others . The points discussed during the meeting included : 1) The latest time frame committed by NHAI for the Work completion after the continued insistence of the District Admin is:
A- Faizabad to Lucknow span of Two lane of flyover will be opened for Traffic latest by 15th August 2016
B- Lucknow to Faizabad Span of Two lanes of Flyover will be opened for traffic flow latest by 31st October 2016

2) The above Time frame is possible when the NHAI and Their contractor will put up their best efforts . Earlier this Completion date was scheduled for Dec 2016. Now after this discussion now the dates are preponed for 2 to 3 months . Now NHAI has committed for the above revised and preponed schedule .

3) To smoothen the Traffic The Outer most Diversion is planned from Barabanki towards Sitapur & KANPUR Roads and this will operate in a Two way.

As this Proposed Diversion involves Barabanki, NHAI & Lucknow so a Coordination meeting is required with DM, SP Barabanki, DM & SSP Lko , Traffic police Lko and NHAI officials before its implemented as it needs Police force , Traffic police, NHAI staff, Infrastructure etc , DM Lko has requested for a Coordination meeting under the chairmanship of Principal Secy Home in next 3 to 4 days and PS Home sir has agreed to it .
Most probably if things are OK after coordination meetin
6) The NHAI has been directed to ‘Level & Paint’ the Road surfaces damaged on both the side lanes in next 2 Days.

7) To ensure smooth left Turns, the Temporary encroachments from either side will be removed by SDM Sadar and CO with the help of local Vyaparis next 2 days .

8) The Temporary ‘Police Booth’ at Deva road turn will also be removed and will be established at nearby suitably place to ensure smooth left turn .

9) The shifting issues of Utilities like Power line, Sewer line, Cables, Poles etc are competed and no issue is pending . The issue of Suitable alternate site for Religious structure also resolved amicably and work is in progress .

10) The Open & damaged Manholes will be repaired and covered with more stronger covers in next 3 days by NNL and JAL Sansthan.

Thank you .