Music Release of The Untold Story – AAHINSA

New Delhi, May 27, 2014 || Down To Earth Entertainment Pvt Ltd presented Hindi film ‘The Untold Story AAHINSA’ held its music release at Raheja Classic Club in Mumbai. Guests present at the occasion were Sunil Pal, Bobby Darling, ahinsaManoj Sansare, Maulavi ji from MP, producers Imad Habib & Naresh Rane, Director Yusuf Ali Khan and actors nafe Khan, Kashvi Kanchan, Neetu Wadhwa, Tara Sharma, Ishaq Raza Khan, Jitendra Shrimali and others.

‘The Untold Story AAHINSA’ is releasing all over on 13th June 2014. It’s the story of a young girl who takes on the mission to create awareness and movement against Cow slaughter. In love with the male lead protagonist, she tries to find the culprits behind illegal cow slaughter.

She realizes that the man she loves is also involved in this illegal act and she first changes him. Later with his support she finds the political – crime nexus involved in this. This is the first time that a Hindi Film has taken on this subject as main theme.

Directed & Written by Yusuf Ali Khan it’s produced under the banner of Down To Earth Entertainment Pvt Ltd by Imad Habib and Naresh Rane. It’s DOP are Sameer Bhaldar & Mahesh Ahuja, action director is Mehmood Bakshi and Music Director is Prashant Singh. Its star cast are Nafe Khan, Kaashvi Kanchan, Neetu Wadhwa and Anup Shukla.

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