Lucknow girl pitches for sports in rural India, through a painting

LUCKNOW || Varalika Varma, a fine arts student from the city sent us this beautiful depiction of her ideas. A graphic design enthusiast with a major interest in socio-economical issues and politics says she was prompted to draw this because she thought that “India may not be doing extremely well at International sporting events but each one of us in our own stride is a sportsperson”.

13236140_10153685019021589_1766064896_nShe adds that “we have lot of untapped talent living in rural India. They have the will and energy which needs to be channelised”. Explaining the beautiful depiction through this painting, she added that the
visual depicts five kids, each running with a stick in hand, dragging a used cycle tyre beside.

The five tyres are so placed as to form the Olympic symbol with 5 rings. Kudos Varalika, we are sure that nationalist sport lovers like you will help the cause of sports in India in a big way!