Hospitality industry, no more lucrative as in the past

LUCKNOW|| The hospitality industry has always been a sunrise sector in India. Most of the youngsters have been besotted by the charms of employment in hotels and plush properties dotting the urban landscape of the country.

hosNot anymore, say insiders. “Hotel industry is not the same any more” rues a duty manager at a five star property in Taj city Agra. Initially we got hit by inflation but somehow managed to stay afloat… now after demonitasion and heavy competition the industry is going through a rough patch, the professional said further.

As a result the wages have gone too low but people are bound to work. And its’ not only the pay as the services of many hotel have gone down during this phase and still continuing.

Coming onto the customer services and employee satisfaction, both depends upon each other. Due to heavy working hours, less employee benefits & low wages, employee satisfaction seems to have gone out of the industry in many hotels in different cities which may be a cause of an unsatisfied customer who visits such hotels.

If necessary action is not taken then the charm of the industry will go one day and a dissatisfied employee would be dealing with an unsatisfied customer in almost every hotel.

–Animesh Ghosh