Fake cement factory raided in Lucknow, seized

LUCKNOW || The district administration busted an illegal factory mixing soil sand and inferior quality cement in other branded cement packets in the state capital on Sunday. Around 300 Cement packets were also seized from the premises which was sealed by the Para police station officials.

cemIt was raided on an information from a Common man. The modus operandi was to club entire thing and then add inferior quality material and repack the Cements packets. The brands which were compromised include big names like Ambuja, ACC, Champion, Birla and some other brands, an official informed.

Many loose empty packets and mixed cement heaps were also found. The so called factory was operating in a slum like area on Mohan road in a compound of 04 Rooms and a open area. On local inquiry it came to knowledge that it was operated by some Shravan Kumar Awasthi of ThakurGanj.