Eleven infants found malnourished in Lucknow village during officials visit

LUCKNOW || The chief development officer (CDO) visited village Khushhalganj under block Kakori under Nutrition Mission on Friday. 11 children under the age of 5 years are severely malnourished (total popping of the village is about 8000).

cdoThe official checked all four Aanganwadi centres and they were found to be functionary. Last year, one severely malnourished child died. Concerned family was visited. The mother has given birth to a girl four months ago. It was told by the Aanganwadi workers that this mother does not get her new born child immunised. Neither does she brings her child to Aanganwadi centre.

Her house was visited by CDO, DPO, CDPO, Aanganwadi supervisor and worker, Gram Pradhan and some persons from the village. The mother was motivated to get her child immunised and to avail the benefits of Aanganwadi scheme.

General cleanliness and hygiene in the village was not up to the mark. The newly elected Gram Pradhan, however, was keen and willing to make it better. He also volunteered to visit the house of one severely malnourished child each day to ensure their proper nutrition.

Villagers told their problems as well. The main road of the village is in a dilapidated condition. Since it belongs to PWD, Executive Engineer CD-2 has been asked to prepare an estimate for its repair, along with proper drainage channels.