Coffee with upcoming Lyricist – Mayank Gera (Gera Likhari)

God’s treasury is full and he can give anyone what he wants but Lord see whether he is qualified to receive the gift of love or not. Blessed and fortunate were the ones who had the chances to be in holy company of Sai in Shirdi when He was embodied and take blessings as per their devotion and need. Souls like Sai give solace and comfort to all and those devotees whose eyes were not blessed with darshan of Sai Baba too get live experiences from him sitting at home.

IMG-20150509-WA0005I was not qualified to undertake this job but gracious blessings of Sai made me do it. What can’t be achieved by trying hard can easily be received in holy company of Saints. There boon bestowing hand change lives and help devotees attaining the goal of life. I always wanted to pen down my feelings and He made me do it. Grace of the lord enables lame man to cross the mountain and dumb man to talk and in the same way he conferred his love on me says GERA LIKHARI in his interview last week.

Sai Baba often said that let his man(Devotee) be at any distance, a thousand Kos away from Him, he will be drawn to him like a sparrow with a thread tied to its feet. If one is not Baba’s man, he would not be attracted to him and given a darshan but that was not be. He came close to Sai in the year 1994 and since then there is no sea of mundane existence before him to cross and no darkness before the sun. Day by day his faith is growing strong and in a way he is coming more closer to the holy feet.

When asked about his inspiration which motivated him to write and speak his heart out then the reply which came out was the one which can be easily guessed. As per him, his mother was fond of writing and she is the reason which made him excel in this field. She used to write spiritual melodies with love in the evening after getting free from daily household affairs. After his mother, he has all the love for the society in which he is working as a member. Shri Sai Charan Society (R) came forward and motivated this writer to live his dreams which was to write for reputed singers.

Lyrics are the backbone of a track be it spiritual or other. The better your writing skills are, the better the impression you’ll make on the people around you. Started 5 months ago with his Debut Lyrics ‘Dori’ which has left an impression on hearts of all Sai devotees. He has by now written more than hundreds of tracks in which more than 10 tracks have been successfully given voices in just 5 months of his journey and are making listeners spellbound. Sade Saaz Taiyaar ne and Jeewan Naiya are his best creations as per him after Dori.

He is fully dedicated to his work. After working for 8 hours in a company, he makes it a point to write his feelings everyday. This ace performer is untiringly working for making his mother proud and we are sure, he will be favourite of one and all in a short span of time. May Sai bless all his future endeavours.

A painter paints pictures on canvas.
A Musician paints pictures on silence.
Writer paints pictures on heart !!!!!!!

— Parul Taneja