CDO Lucknow visits Malihabad, asks officials to plug lacunae

LUCKNOW || The Chief Development Officer (CDO) of Lucknow inspected block Malihabad today. The condition of records and work was found to be up to date, thanks to previous inspection by DM in April, he said but added that some lacunae were still found.

cdoGarbage was dumped in a corner of the campus. Instructions were given to clean it up and create a generator shed in this area. A total of 15 government houses are present (for BDO, ADOs and other employees of the block) in the campus.

But all these houses are in dilapidated condition. BDO has been instructed to write to Ex. Engineer PWD to get these houses certified as “condemned”, so that a proposal for new houses can be sent to the government. Similar instructions are being given to all BDOs.

Block does not have inverter for power backup. Block Pramukh has graciously agreed to provide the same from local panchayat, the official informed.