Beauty Pageants…a reason to celebrate Womanhood

NEW DELHI || Beauty pageants in India have become vestigial pieces of our culture, like top 10 countdowns of our radio chartbusters. We all are pretty, young, vivacious, glamorous and complete woman. Then why do we need beauty pageants to define our beauties?

Beauty has no set parameters or predefined definition. To some dusky is beautiful and to some fair. Why do we have increasing number of beauty pageants in the country is how people view beauty and of the biggest reasons to hold beauty pageants is to celebrate essence of being a woman and honor all the beautiful women on the stage.

woEvery season there are many hopeful candidates waiting to be a part of such pageants. Many women in India can not travel long distance. Mrs India home makers in their first season, discovered that in small towns, women have immense talent but they are not able to travel long distance. Family is the biggest reason, a home maker has to think many things before she steps out of her home.

Who shall cook for her family tomorrow? Who shall bring her kids from her school and many other reasons, that is why this season Mrs-India-Home-Makers is travelling to North-East India and give chance to many many talented women.

Gitali Pathak Deka wants to be a part of this platform so that she can be a role model to others in her region and tells us that “I wanna be next Mrs India, so that I can be influential and be a role model for any good cause In the society.’’ Today’s women are breaking the stereotypes of just a simple home makers . A

national level badminton player Kristi Das says as a professional badminton player, I am used to the sweaty and raw life. Now I want to test myself by pushing into other spheres too. Other contestants like Roop Gogoi and Ivaa Sonowal says we want to explore other avenues in life after marriage’’ , Ivaa adds “I want to encourage other people by participating in this contest’’.

This season girls are more sorted. They display uber-confidence and sense of style. Mitali Borbora defines that beauty is skin deep and sexy is a state of mind and not waist size.

Indian women are gradually breaking the myth that they are just good for household work. If there were unmarried beauty queens who eventually became superstars of Bollywood and we have now beauty queens who start their journey to name fame and stardom after their marriage. “My childhood dream to wear a crown is soon coming true” says a beautiful home maker Puja Sarkar Ghosh.

Beauty pageants bring dream of many beautiful candidates, wearing a Crown and Sashay. As it show cases talent and brains as Lara Dutta Miss Universe 2000 says “I think pageants like Miss Universe gives us young women a platform to foray in the fields that we want to and forge ahead, be it entrepreneurship, be it the armed forces, be it politics. It gives us a platform to voice our choices and opinions, and makes us strong, independent that we are today.