Awadh Polo Cup – 2016 commences in Lucknow

LUCKNOW || ‘Awadh Polo Cup-2016’ is being organized under the aegis of Central Command at Surya Khel Parisar from 12 to 16 Dec 2016 in Lucknow Cantonment. The League Matches commenced today with a zeal and fervor.

The opening match of the Awadh Polo Cup was played between Indian Military Academy (IMA) and Remount Veterinary Centre (RVC) team where Remount Veterinary Centre won the match. The score was RVC – 9 goals and IMA – 3½ goals.

ftrThe next league match will be played between Army Service Corps and 61 Cavalry team tomorrow. The league matches are being played in the afternoon from 03.00 pm at Surya Khel Parisar.

Eight Polo Teams will be competing for the AWADH POLO CUP-2016. The finals will be played on 16th Dec 2016 on Vijay Diwas. The Awadh Polo Exhibition Match will be played on 14th Dec 2016.

Eight teams of Indian Polo Association have arrived in the city for the historic event including the Army Service Corps team from Bangalore, Remount Veterinary Centre team from Meerut, Indian Military Academy (IMA) team from Dehradun, 61 Cavalry team from Jaipur, Two teams from Manipur and Two teams of Ladakh Scouts from the frozen desert of Ladakh in Jammu & Kashmir.

The citizens of Lucknow was presented with an excellent opportunity to witness deft horse riding skills displaying unmatchable coordination between the horse and its rider.

To bring this event to Lucknow, Central Command had taken the initiative in 2012 when it got prepared a brand new Polo ground for the event with multiple objectives of bringing the game to the city; inspiring youth to take on adventure activities; promoting sports and to make Lucknow a Centre for Polo and Equestrian Excellence.